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  • Mail receiving: including Merchandise! takes care of your international delivery limitations.

We are proud to offer you the most reliable and efficient mail forwarding services. You will receive a street address in the USA in which you can receive anything from letters to very large packages. Every item received will be logged into our system. You can then monitor the content of your box through our secure server and decide which items you will like to discard and which items you will like to have forwarded to your home. You do not need to reside out of the United States to enjoy our flexible mail forwarding service; you may need the added privacy that our mail forwarding services provides or just the professional appearance that our service will provide for your home-based business.

Mail Forwarding Partner

Thanks to our partnership with, Box4Me offers you
your own postal address in the USA.  

Without residing in the U.S. you can receive mail, everything from letters to very large packages and we will forward them to you anywhere in the world!

  • Do you have problems with the delivery of your purchases from the USA?
  • When shopping by catalogue or on-line, do you worry about actually ever receiving your merchandise?
  • The retailer that sells what you are looking for does not ship overseas?
  • Would you like to have an address in the USA, but don't wish to pay absurd monthly fees even when you are using it only sporadically?
  • Does your current POBOX not allow you to receive express deliveries such as FedEx and UPS?
  • Would you like the option of checking what has arrived in your box before requesting it to be shipped to you?  Would you like to be able to get rid of junk mail before it's sent to you, and this way save valuable time and reduce your shipping costs?
  • Would you like to be able to review your purchases or correspondence online before having them sent so that you can decide which ones you want?

We are Your solution!

USAbox is your own mailing address in the United States - WITH NO MONTHLY FEES! . Without residing in the United States, you can receive your mail through us. Everything from letters to very large packages - and we will forward them to you anywhere in the world.

When you sign up for an account with us, USABOX instantly provides you with a physical address in Miami and its corresponding virtual box.   Everything that is received in your physical address is immediately reflected in your virtual box, and you can access this information any time by signing-on to your account on-line.

The following is an example of a virtual box from a account:

# 2 Name James Smith
Item  Date Sender Description Comments Weight (lb.) Mark
120 01/23/1999 FirstUSA Bank letter statement 0.04
206 02/01/1999 NationsBank letter statement 0.04
207 02/01/1999 FirstUSA letter statement 0.04
208 02/01/1999 MacMall magazine Jan/99 0.30
209 02/01/1999 package invoice $94 3.04
210 02/01/1999 package invoice $30 2.30
Total weight 5,76 Lb

With this information at hand, you can decide and instruct us which items are important and should be shipped to you, and which can be considered "junk-mail" and should be discarded.  We will process your on-line instructions right away, and you can then track the status of your shipment on-line until you receive it.

With USABOX you only pay for the services you use.  There are no fixed monthly fees to incur if you do not receive frequent correspondence.  We offer several pricing plans, and one of them is sure to meet your needs - whether you frequently receive large amounts of merchandise or just the occasional letter.

USAbox can solve the "Junk Mail" problem for you: you do not have to pay for unwanted correspondence. We are the only company that offers this service.**

If you plan to receive large quantities of correspondence, we offer various options:  a reasonably priced monthly fee covers the monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily mail shipments according to your requirements.

You can start testing our services by signing-up on our "Plan-Basic".  It's very easy:  in just a few minutes you can sign-up!  You will immediately obtain:

  • A Physical address in the USA with its corresponding virtual box.
  • Protection of your privacy: When subscribing to USAbox you select a User ID and password.  Together they are the key to your USAbox, so you can check its contents on line and give us your instructions.
  • Door to door shipments to house or office at very competitive rates.
  • Option to store your correspondence and merchandise in Miami until your next visit *
  • Monthly fee $0.00 (on basic plan)

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